In an emergency, it only takes one trained person to save a life. Now, imagine if you had two, ten, or twenty trained people nearby. When your employees take CPR classes in Orange County, CA, you create a work place that is prepared for any scenario.

Of course, CPR training starts with qualified instructors. At Emergency Response CPR Training, all of our instructors are professional paramedics and firefighters. We are passionate about CPR and its ability to save lives.

Allow us to transfer our knowledge to your staff; it could save the life of an employee. In fact, the American Heart Association states that effective CPR can double a cardiac-arrest victim's chances at survival.

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We know that, as a business owner, you have a multitude of tasks taking up your time. To make the process as convenient as possible, our instructors are willing to come to you. We won't take up your allotted work time or require your employees to come in on a Saturday.

The needs of your business may differ from the needs of another. We are willing to specialize our course to fit those requirements. From First Aid to Infant CPR, we offer a range of trainings.

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Our instructors have experience dealing with real-life emergencies. Their CPR knowledge is an invaluable gift they are willing to share with you. To arrange a CPR class, get in touch with Emergency Response CPR Training today. We will happily extend a free quote on our affordable services. Reach us at (949) 290-4767.

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